Thursday, October 18, 2012

My New Juicer is a Game Changer!

My New Best Friend
Okay friends! So a four days ago I began something that I am calling a JUICY FEAST.  I have started juicing and only eat fresh juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables.  For the first three days I was using a blender.  Yesterday, while drinking one of my juices, I almost GAGGED!  There was so much pulp and a lot of clumps in my juice and I seriously didn't know if I'd be able to drink it.  I really thought I was going to puke a few times.  I love green smoothies, but clumps make me gag!

Well, today I got something that completely changes the game and is going to help me reach my goal.  In fact, I KNOW that I'm going to reach my goal because of this.  I got a JUICER! And it ROCKS!  When it was delivered today I was like a five year old on Christmas. I couldn't wait to open it and try it out.

Juicing is Magical!
Natalee, my sister-in-law, and I got out a bunch of fruits and veggies and put them through the juicer.  It made like a rainbow color of juices and it actually tasted really good!  We both loved it and are both so excited about juicing!!!

If you don't know, I created a plan called THE JUICE PLAN and I am loving it!  Honestly, I feel great and my body is feeling more energetic and clean.  I can already feel such a difference with these four days of juicing and I can't wait to see what they next few weeks bring. You can check out my plan, photos, videos and results at  I am documenting my journey and the game just got better and more exciting with this new juicer! My first weigh in is tomorrow. Here we go!

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