Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 = I CAN!

I am really excited to see what 2012 holds for my life. I've been reflecting a lot about what I want in 2012 and on what I have learned from 2011. I have chosen my theme for 2012 to be two simple words: I CAN! As I have been working on my 30 goals before turning 30 I have come to know that I am made of stronger stuff than I think and that if there is something I really want to do, I can do it. I am strong, I am smart and I am determined. Now that I am leaving behind the negative voice that I have let rule a lot of what I do, I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be FREAKIN' INCREDIBLE!!!

I decided not to set New Year's Resolutions because my list of 30 goals are my resolutions and I am continuing to work on them.  But there are three that I really want to put most of my focus on.  Here they are:

1. Be an answer to someone's prayers.   I have had such a great desire lately to serve others and really try to make a difference.  I think a large part of this is giving my heart over to God and asking Him to guide me to where I can be of most help.  I love the scripture "Be still and know that I am God."  I am going to spend more time this year being still and really listening to God and following His spirit.  The times in my life when I turn off the t.v., the laptop and the cell phone and enjoy the silence my heart immediately turns to my Father in Heaven and my heart is filled with His love.  This is something I want to do more often this year. I don't know if I will ever know if I have actually be an answer to someone's prayer, but I know that if I listen to the Spirit and actually act upon those promptings, I will have the opportunity to bless someone else's life and help them feel the love God.  I know it will happen.  I have been given so much in my life and it is up to me to give back.  "Where much is given, much is required."

2. Fit into my Gold Pleather Wranglers.  I am happy to report that I have lost 25 pounds since August.  The best thing about this is that I have not been on some crazy fad diet or taking any sort of magical pills to make this happen.  I have been working out a lot and my body LOVES a good workout.  And I have discovered that when I workout my body craves healthier foods.  It's amazing!  I'm not saying that I don't eat any junk food, but my eating habits have changed and I feel so good.  I love my body and I am so grateful for it.  I am getting closer and closer to fitting into those Gold Pleather Wranglers that are folded up in my closet right now and I am excited about the day that I will fit into's not too far off!

3. Get out of debt.  This is the goal is want to accomplish more than anything!  I want to be free from debt and feel the peace of not having to give such a big portion of my paycheck to pay them off.  I am focused on working hard, working a lot and doing all that I can to pay off my debts this year. I am learning more and more how to manage my money and when these dang debts are paid off I will be a pro at saving money and spending it wisely.  This has definitely been a huge lesson in my life and when I have children I will be sure that they know that important of managing their money wisely.   I am hoping to put together some fun events to try to raise some money to help pay off my debts quicker.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to share! I know I can do this, especially with the encouragement and support of the amazing people in my life!!!

I hope you all enjoy a happy and health New Year.  I hope you choose to "REALLY LIVE" and do things that you've always wanted to do but for some reason have not done.  Jump out of airplanes.  Take up running. Go on that trip you've always wanted to go on.  Express your love to those most important in your life.  Forgive that person in your life who has been seeking your forgiveness.  Laugh a lot.  Cry a lot.  Be a good listener.  Put your arms around your family members and hold on to them with all your strength.  Believe in yourself.

HAPPY 2012!! 

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