Friday, October 19, 2012

My Week In Ohio

I spent last week in Ohio babysitting my sister's four kids.  I had so much fun playing 'MOM' and the kids were hilarious! We made decorated cupcakes, played games, did arts and crafts and played a lot of football. The fall weather was beautiful and I loved being able to see all of the amazing fall colors on all of the trees.

I realized while babysitting how much I can't wait to become a mom!  I sort of had forgotten how much I want to be a mom, but that desire was renewed and when my opportunity comes, I am going to be an awesome mom!!!

As I spent time with each of these kids and got to know them better I realized that FAMILY truly is the most important thing in my life and as an Aunt I can be such a good influence for each of my nieces and nephews.  They are all such amazing kids and while I wait for my chance to become a mother I am going to be the best Aunt ever. 

There is nothing better than the innocence of children and their ability to love, laugh and whole-heartedly live their lives.They are 100% in the moment and I was 100% in the moment as I was in Ohio and loved every moment of it!

Plus, I had my two year old niece, Brielle, as my best friend all week.  While the other kids were at school it was just she and I.  I have never had a kid make me laugh so much.  She is so sassy and so funny...and she knows it!

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