Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life In Texas

Hello friends! I finally made it down here to Dallas, TX! My dad and I did the 21 hour drive and it was great.  We rented two audio books and listened to them along the way and it made the trip go by fast.  We stayed one night in Pagosa Springs, CO at my Aunt and Uncle's house and it was so wonderful to visit with them.  I've only really met them like two or three times, so to visit with them to lovely and I can't wait to go back.  Pagosa Springs is absolutely beautiful and my Aunt Mary invited me to come back with some friends and explore the area.  It sort of reminds me of Jackson Hole.  So hopefully I'll get down there next summer for a long weekend.

Anyway, we made it to Texas on Friday night.  I must say that arriving in McKinnney (which is right outside of Dallas) felt like such a relief.  For months I've been talking about moving down here and for it to finally happen makes me feel like I can get started now on creating my life out here. I was able to travel a ton this summer, which was amazing, but I have begun to feel like a homeless person and I'm ready to settle down and stay in one place for awhile.

Let me explain what prompted the move to Texas.  Back in January I was at home in Salt Lake and I was up early studying my scriptures.  I like to do this in the morning so that I can start off with a spiritual boost to get my day going.  While I was sitting there reading my Book of Mormon I had a strong feeling in my heart that it was time for me to move and Dallas was the place for me to go.  It sort of took me by suprise, but it was a feeling I did not want to ignore.  I have family down here in Dallas and I have always liked visiting Texas, but I'd never thought of moving down here.

So instantly I decided that I was going to move to Dallas right away and just leave everything behind in Utah.  But then I didn't really know what to do and decided to really take my time and put some thought and preparation into what I was doing. I had just started a new job (which I did not like) and I didn't know if I was ready to leave Salt Lake.  Over the next couple of months I pondered and prayed about what to do.  I knew deep down that I needed to move down here and I began to realize that I wanted to move.

As I realized that I was going to move to Texas I decided to apply to summer jobs.  I figured if I could get a fun job somewhere out of state, then I could go and travel for the summer and then make the move to Texas.  I got hired on at a camp in New York for the summer and even got my sister to apply and she got hired on as well.  So we planned an incredible road trip and had a crazy, fun and adventurous summer.  Everything worked out and I was able to go on the road trip I've always dreamed of doing.

I think that going away to camp did a good job of weening me away from my life in Salt Lake.  The five years I spent living in Salt Lake were the best and I made so many dear friends that became a huge part of my life and I have so many great memories up there.  They were the reason I didn't want to leave.  But going away for the summer helped me to know that I could move on and everything would be okay.

The day my sister and I were to check in at camp we were in Boston visiting friends.  We went to church with them that morning and then drove the four hours to get to camp.  While we were sitting in church I had that same feeling burning in my heart that I was right where I needed to be and the moving to Dallas was the right thing for me.  It was an incredible feeling.  So we took off for camp after that, had a fun summer and then drove back to Utah.

Once I got back to Utah I was ready to make the move.  I was able to visit with friends and family and I was so ready to get down to Dallas to get settled in and start finding a job and making new friends.  So after being home for three weeks my dad and I took off for one last road trip (for now anyways) and made it here safely and in once piece.  My car survived the nearly 10,000 miles I've driven it over the past few months and I think the car, and I, are ready for a break from long road trips.

I'm living with my brother and his family here in McKinney until I get settled in with a good job and then perhaps I'll start looking for a place of my own.  I've got a beautiful, big room with my own walk in closet and bathroom.  Ever since they moved in to their house in May, my niece and nephews have been referring to my room as "Aunty La La's room" and they are excited that I am finally here.  This morning at breakfast my four year old nephew, Tyler, informed me that he has been waiting for a long time for me to get here.  I'm really excited to build stronger relationships with these kids and be a part of their lives.
My New Roommates!

Family truly is the greatest of God's creations! In Colorado, hanging on my Aunt's wall in her kitchen, was a sign that said something like "I've come to realize that being with those I love is enough."  I loved it because that's what life really is all about, being surrounded by the people you love.  

I'm almost unpacked and all moved in.  I'm searching for a job and feel good about my decision to come here.  Throughout this whole process I have felt so much peace about moving down to Dallas.  I think about that prompting I received so many months ago to come here and I'm glad I followed it.  I know there's a reason I'm here and I'm really looking forward to watching this chapter of my life unfold. I've been taken out of my comfort zone and I'm ready to be stretched and strengthened as I begin this new life in Texas.  It's gonna be great!


  1. good luck angie!!!! i love texas. and i´m thinking about moving too.

    1. Thanks Heidi!! How are ya?? Where are you thinking of moving to?

  2. Angie! You continue to be an inspiration to me! Love you! Good luck down there!