Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Lost Art of Writing Letters

Dear Readers and Friends,

For the past week or so I have been in the process of going through everything I own and figuring out what to keep and what to throw away as I am preparing to move down to Dallas, TX in a couple of days.  The other day I was down at my family's rented storage space, going through all of my boxes, trying to figure out what to take with me on my move.  While searching through boxes I came across a couple of boxes full of old scrapbooks and hundreds of letters I have received over the years. It was like finding a lost treasure and its contents were worth more than anything money can buy.

I gathered all of those old scrapbooks and letters and brought them home with me.  For hours I sat and read letter after letter after letter.  I cried and I laughed as I read letters from family members and dear friends.  It was a spiritual and therapeutic experience. People told me of their happiness and heart ache and I felt a deeper connection to all of these people I love so much - some that I haven't spoken to in years. I even found a bunch of letters that I had written to my family when I was 18 and living in Pennsylvania.   It was fascinating to read my own words and to see what was on my mind and in my heart during that time in my life.

I miss letter writing.  I miss the excitement of walking to the mailbox and hoping that there is a letter in there just waiting to be read.  I miss sitting down on my bed and writing a letter to a friend, taking the time to write what I really feel and to write of hopes and dreams.  I miss feeling so connected to someone that lives hundreds of miles away.  Text and email are convenient, but do not compare at all to a handwritten letter, where you know its author has sat down and taken the time to think about you and to think about what to write to help brighten your day and to express their love and care for you.

I've decided that I want to bring back the lost are of writing letters.  I think as humans we all crave a true connection with others and I think letter writing is one way to do it.  I used to be such a good pen pal and it was something I was so passionate about. I seriously was overwhelmed with the hundreds and hundreds of letters I've collected over the years. So I am reviving my old letter writing skills!  I've already got a list of people to write to and a box of envelopes eagerly waiting to be addressed and mailed out.  

If you want a pen pal, let me know! I'd love to write to you!



p.s. I found a great article about the lost art of writing letters.  Here is the link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrew-lam/the-lost-art-of-letter-wr_b_1543386.html

p.p.s.  Here is a great video on the subject too:

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