Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

The other night I was searching through Netflix and came across a documentary I watched a few months ago.  It's called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  It inspired me then and it totally inspired me once again.  Ever since I moved down to Texas I have been working out a lot and eating pretty healthy, but I've really been wanting to follow the Green Smoothie 30 diet and just clean my system out.  I drink one or more Green Smoothies a day and I actually really like them a lot.  I'd been working on coming up with a plan to do only Green Smoothies for 30 days and after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (I recommend EVERYONE watches it) I've decided I'm going to do it.  The magic day is October 15.  I'm preparing and getting into good physical shape and looking forward to 30 days of clearing out all of the junk and taking in unlimited amounts of fruits and veggies.

Anyone want to join me???

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  1. I've watched this and it is inspiring, i did the juicing/vegetables for seven days and then continued with eating vegetables and lean protein. I lost 15 pounds and it really makes your tummy and body feel good.