Friday, June 1, 2012

#2: Travel somewhere I've never been before

Last weekend I traveled out to Jacksonville, Florida with a couple of friends.  I had never been to Jacksonville before, so I was excited to explore a new place.  Plus, we spent a day in Savannah, Georgia, which is a place I've always wanted to visit!  We had two BEAUTIFUL beach days (I got my first sunburn of the year) and then made our way up to Savannah as a tropical storm hit Jacksonville and cooled things off in Savannah for us. 

I must say that I LOVE the South!  I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the sunshine and the easy going pace of the south.  We ate lunch at Paula Deen's buffet, which is loaded with lots of delicious southern food. We also did a fun little ghost tour while in Savannah, along with a carriage ride through town. The whole trip was great and I look forward to going back again one day.

Loving the live oaks!

Paula Deen's

St Augustine
Lovin the beach in Jacksonville
The end

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