Monday, March 12, 2012

#7: Go on 30 Dates

One of my goals this year was to go on 30 dates before I turned 30.  This has definitely been an adventure. I went out with 14 different guys and some of them I went out with multiple times, which puts me at over 30 dates this year.  I've gone out with some really great guys, some very interesting guys, and maybe one or two guys that I hope to never see again in my life.   I'll never forget the crazy guy that asked me to move away to South Carolina with him after our first date, or Mr. H. who introduced me to eating snails and other yummy foods. It's been fun to focus more on dating and I know I've never had a year in my life where I've been on more than 30 dates, so this has definitely been a big feat! One of these days I know that it will click and I'll me the right guy for me. Until then, I am going to keep on dating different fish in the sea.

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