Saturday, April 2, 2011

A New Passion (aka Addiction)

I will be the first to admit that I am a TERRIBLE dancer. If you want to put me in a very insecure and vulnerable state just stick me on the dance floor. I grew up playing every sport imaginable and I have great coordination when it comes to sports and exercising. In high school I envied everyone that could go out on the dance floor and just let loose and have a good time. I would just stand there on the side of the dance floor, awkwardly swinging my hips from side to side, hoping that I didn't look too ridiculous. I actually looked forward to the slow dances because it was so easy. You just put your arms around the guy's neck and slowly step from side to side. How hard can that be?

Anyway, back to the present. A couple of weeks ago I was at a cabin with a bunch of friends and someone brought their Wii and the game Just Dance. I was mesmerized. It was so entertaining to watch different people take turns and totally jam out. In my head I told myself there was absolutely NO WAY I would get up there and I didn't. That is, until the next morning.

When most people had already gone and there were only a few of us left, I decided to give it a try, because deep down I was ACHING to try it out and see if I could in any way at all resemble someone that could dance.

Well, from the minute that first song started I have been hooked. I am like a little kid. I want to play this game all the time! We danced a few songs that morning and I realized something amazing. I knew I looked like a fool up there, but what I learned is that nobody cared! I could stand up there and dance my little heart out and look ridiculous and my friends would still be cheering me on. It was such a freeing feeling to just break down the walls and dance!

For my birthday I wanted to have a dance party. I borrowed my friend's Wii and Just Dance game. Of course, the night before my party I just had to test it out. Then the night of my party I danced the night away with all of my friends. Two nights later I still had the Wii so I invited some girlfriends over for another dance party. Today for my workout I decided to DANCE! All by myself. In my living room. It was INCREDIBLE! I was FREE! I was REALLY LIVING!

(Secretly, I never want to give my friend her Wii back. Is that bad? Obviously, I will. But eventually I might have to buy one for myself.)


  1. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! and i'm glad that you and darnelle danced with me that morning...i think i need to buy that game. oh and i think i need to set you up on a date too!!!

  2. 1. I watched you dance and you didn't look like a fool.
    2. I have a Wii and Just Dance so you can come over any time to play with me
    3. I play it all the time by myself in my living room and I love it! (and I love you!!)