Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Days of Christmas - Day One - Bring on the music

I cannot believe that December is already here. Where in the heck did the rest of the year go? Thanksgiving came and went and I was able to go on a road trip to Ohio to celebrate the holiday with family. It was wonderful!!!

Now I am working on getting my mind focused on Christmas...especially the true meaning of Christmas. I'm planning staying down here in Texas for the holidays. It will be my first time away from home for Christmas in about twelve years. This year I want to enjoy the magic of Christmas and turn my thoughts to the Savior and His amazing birth and life.

 Right now I am working on a plan to make these next 25 days leading up to Christmas more special and meaningful. Being here with my niece and nephews definitely helps me to feel the magic of Christmas as they talk about Santa Claus and sit and look at the lights glowing from the Christmas tree.

Day one of this small adventure is this: start playing the Christmas tunes and keep them going until Christmas. I have a few favorite Christmas songs, but this version of Little Drummer Boy by Mercy Me is one of my absolute favorites. I love the words of this song. Enjoy!

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