Saturday, March 10, 2012

#26: Attend the Temple at least once a month

#26 on my list of 30 things to do this year is to attend the temple at least once a month.  I chose this goal because I really wanted to focus more on spiritual things in my life and there is no better place to go then the temple to feel the spirit and to feel God's love.  I really love it there. It's so quiet and everyone is there for the same purpose: to grow closer to God and to seek peace and quiet in this crazy world.

Last night I went to the temple with two of my wonderful friends: Joni and Julia.  We spent some time in the temple and then went out to dinner.  While I was in the temple I was able to meditate a little bit and think about my life and how much Heavenly Father has blessed me.  My heart turned to people I love and I was blessed with a knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Savior and He came to earth to save me and to save each person I love.  On the car ride to the temple Joni talked about how amazing the atonement of Christ is and how He really has had to suffer a lot because of all the pain and anguish we go through on earth, but He did it and He understands us and He loves us.  Today I've been feeling so happy. Not the kind of happy where you want to run around like a crazy hyper person, but the happiness where my heart is quietly dancing inside my chest and the world looks a bit brighter than it did the day before.
I am glad that I can say that I have been to the temple at least once a month this year and it has made a difference in my life. It's something I want to continue. It's a place I can go to feel a little piece of heaven here on earth.

**If you are wondering what a "temple" is, I am referring to LDS Temples. You can learn more about them here: LDS TEMPLES.

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