Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Quick Update. Less than 40 days to go!

Date #14  On Saturday I went on date #14. I am calling him Mailman.  He is a good friend from years ago and I always called him Mailman.  He took me out to dinner and it was so much fun.  I hadn't seen him for over two years, so I had a great time catching up with him.  The Mailman is another great guy!

Poem #5 Another goal of mine is to write ten poems and post them on my blog.  Here is #5.

My hands are cold
My toes are ice
A wood burning fire
Would be really nice.

Is winter over?
It stays too long.
My body remains cold.
I'm not longer strong.

The snow keeps falling
It won't go away
I dream for hours
of warm summer days.

During the winter months
I become a stone.
The cold seeps into
each and every bone.

I sit and I wait
For warm sunny days
When I can run in the sun
and bask in it's rays.

I can survive all
of these months of snow
Because I know in the summer
I will bloom and grow.

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