Thursday, October 6, 2011

Now Entering the Discomfort Zone

When I started this journey six months ago I was in a very comfortable spot in my life. I was comfortable, but I wasn't progressing.  As I have worked on accomplishing different things on my list there have been times when I have had to step out of my little comfort zone and as a result I feel myself learning new things, especially about myself and the world around me.  I am sure each of you have had times when your life is good, but if you were willing to take that one small step out of our comfort zone you would realize that your life can be greater than you ever realized.

Perhaps we all walk around with an invisible bubble surrounding us, keeping us safe from the rest of the world--or at least that's what we think.  While the bubble might keep us safe, it also keeps us distanced from those around us. People can only get so close to each other before their bubble blocks them from going any further.  Those that truly learn to live a full life are those that recognize that they have the power to pop their own bubble, which gives them an opportunity to breathe fresh air, to run anywhere they want and most importantly, to get closer to people and build better relationships.

My bubble is bursting.  I am breathing in that fresh air and it feels my soul with new life.  I am running anywhere I want and seeing such amazing sights.  And I am getting closer to people and recognizing that we are all part of the human family and our purpose is to be kind and to love unconditionally each person that comes into our lives, whether they are in a bubble or not. All we want is to be heard and to know that we are worthy of love and that can only be down when the bubble is gone.

So now I am entering the discomfort zone.  I have decided that each week I want to do something that takes me out of my comfort zone and puts me in a position to grow.  Last week it was cutting up my credit cards and committing to living on a budget. It is something that always scared me, but I know in the end I will have learned a great deal about finances and will soon be enjoying the joys of financial freedom.

This week I have decided to quit texting so much.  Texting keeps us all in our bubbles. It is safe. We don't have to express any sort of emotion, in fact, we don't even have to talk to or see the person we are contacting. I keep wanting to text less and spend more time actually calling someone when I want to talk to them instead of texting. It is so much easier to express the truth and to have honest and clear communication when you actually talk to each other. You can be anybody you want in a text. It is only through talking, especially face to face, that you allow people to know the true you.  So this week I am going to step out of my comfort zone and spend more time talking and expressing myself in a healthy way. Here goes one more baby step into the discomfort zone, one more step of forward progression.


  1. I initially popped by because you have the same name as a dear dear friend of mine - and I stayed because although there's a teensy tiny difference between our ages I'm coming up on my own milestone (113 days 'til I turn the big 4-0) and it's been a year of "but I haven't (fill in the blank) yet..." for me :)

    bust out of your bubble - and seriously, if you could people to text just a bit less I think we'd all be a little happier. I love texting, I really do... (I'm not THAT old), but seriously, when two of the passengers in my car (sitting next to each other) are texting back and forth I kind of want to scream!

  2. Thanks for commenting Tonya! That is awesome you are turning the big 4-0! What are you doing to celebrate? I will have to check out your blog. :) And yeah....crazy when two people right next to each other are texting each other...not good! A little less texting really could go a long way...I'm still working in my less texting goal.

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