Thursday, September 1, 2011

Poem #3 - Why Climb Mountains?

"Why do you climb?" they always say,
"It doesn't look fun, just looks like pain."
I smile to myself and give them a wink.
I'd much rather climb than stand and sink.

It's not an easy task to climb a mountain trail
It can be hard to breathe, sometimes it hurts like hell.
I struggle, I push, I take one step at a time.
My heart yearns for the top so I continue to climb.

Why is it that I desire to reach every peak?
Not for fame and glory; it is God that I seek.
When I stand up tall, on top of the earth,
I am connected to heaven. I understand my worth.

I look back to where I was and my journey to the top.
I see myself struggling but unwilling to stop.
For inside my soul I crave to be the true me.
I give all that I have and I am set free.

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