Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cherishing What Really Matters

The past 48 hours I have been thinking a lot about life and what it means to really live. Last week my sweet Grandmother, Betty Oscarson, left this life. Her funeral was yesterday, which also happened to be her 85th birthday. I have thought about her life. It was incredibly full. She had nine children, 40-something grandchildren, over 100 great grandchildren and even a few great-great grandchildren. We all call her blessed. She is a giant amount women.

On another note, a man that I barely knew, passed away yesterday in a tragic accident. He was 38. He lived an incredibly full life as well, in a different way. He knew what he really wanted out of life and he went for it. He did not let fear keep him from going after his dreams and influencing so many lives. People all over the world knew and respected him.

Both of these people have caused me to reflect on what is important in life. My thoughts keep going back to them and through my grief I celebrate their goodness. I have come to realize what I cherish most in my life:

-Sunday visits at Grandma's house that always started off with a big hug
and ended with an ice cream cone.
-Believing that I am capable of doing great things.
-The smell of purple lilacs in the summer time.
-Not settling for mediocrity.
-Holding a sleeping baby.
-Dreaming big and making those dreams come true.
-Finding the good that is inside every person I meet.
-Using my voice to influence other people for good.
-Being myself - ALWAYS AUTHENTIC.
-The amazing value of hard work.
-Fighting for what I know in my heart is right.
-Sunny evenings in the backyard surrounded by family.
-Being vulnerable.
-Laughing until my cheeks hurts.
-Listening to a little child pray to Heavenly Father.
-Hiking in the mountains and becoming fully in-tune with my spirit because
there is nothing to distract me from feeling my great worth.

There are times in life, including the passing of those we love, that remind us that this life is meant to be lived, not just endured. We create the life we want. I cherish what I have been given and I am inspired by those who have given me an example of what it means to really live, like the two people mentioned above, and influence others the way they have done to me. I choose to live. I choose to cherish the simple moments in life. I choose to be a powerhouse of love with rivers of joy and contentment flowing freely from my heart.

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