Friday, December 30, 2011

What Are You Leaving Behind in 2011?

Hi friends!  So I know that New Year's is all about making resolutions and setting goals and making a better future.  Well, today I was in a boot camp class at the gym and the teacher asked us what was something we were going to leave behind in 2011 and not bring with us to 2012.   All during class that's all I could think about as I was getting my butt kicked and working out like a maniac.

What am I going to leave behind in 2011?  I am going to leave behind the negative voice inside my head that tells me that I am not good enough.  I think I have carried that voice with me for much too long and it is NOT ALLOWED to come with me any longer!  I find it crazy how we go through life we start to compare ourselves to others or people make negative comments towards us and somehow they get ingrained into our brains and we begin to forget how truly incredible we really are.   "I can't"  is no longer part of my vocabulary. Only "I CAN!"

I can run a marathon. I can survive in the Alaskan wilderness.  I can lose 25 pounds. I can jump out of an airplane.  I can forgive. I can walk across fire in my bare feet.   Oh wait....I've already done these things....but I've still got so many "I Cans" to accomplish!  Watch out 2012!!!

What are you going to leave behind in 2011?  Leave a comment below and let me know!!!

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