Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Exhausted...but for a good cause

Last week I spent five days in Logan: waking up super early (4:00 a.m.) and working through the day until 10:00 p.m. I must admit, I am exhausted. I haven't felt this tired in a very long time. But I look back at those five days, being a part of Bike MS and I feel just fine. I work for the National MS Society. Our Bike event up in Logan is full of INCREDIBLE people. I watched families come together to support each other, I saw people that live with MS cross the finish line after riding their bike 100 miles and tears came to my eyes as I spoke to a family that was riding for the first time, in honor of their grandfather that died last year after living with MS for over 35 years. It was an amazing weekend and I am inspired. Next year I want to ride 100 miles. I want to ride in honor of my Grandma Webb that died after living with MS for 33 years. I want to ride for each person that has to live with the pain and the confusion of Multiple Sclerosis. I want to ride to raise money to find a cure for this dang disease!!! MS SUCKS! The people that are out doing something to help raise awareness and to find a cure ROCK MY WORLD! Thanks to everyone that volunteered, cycled and cheered on those riding with MS. Below is a video from last year's Bike MS event, when I get this year's video I will post it.

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