Sunday, May 1, 2011


The past couple of weeks have been really busy. At work we have been preparing for one of our biggest events of the year: Walk MS Salt Lake City. Yesterday was the big event and we had about 4000 people show up to walk and show support to those living with MS. It was quite an inspiring event, especially as I watched two men, both with MS, struggle across the finish line. One of those men is my age. He was diagnosed with MS when he was 24. For the past three years he has been able to walk the entire three miles and it has taken him around five hours to do it. This year has been hard for him. He wasn't able to walk. His team surrounded him and pushed him in a wheel chair through the entire walk. At the finish line he decided to walk the last 60 yards. Everyone was in tears as we watched this guy struggle to walk, with a family member on each side of him holding him up. He is only 28 years old. The other man came walking in right after him. He is probably in his fifties. He was diagnosed with MS about 18 months ago. The last couple of months have been a struggle for him too. But this year he was able to walk the entire course. Again, he was surrounded by family and loved ones, holding him up and encouraging him to finish. My heart was humbled by the strength of these two men and their desire to endure and to keep moving forward. I am so grateful that they have family and loved ones to cheer them on and to be there to help make their lives a little easier. I am grateful that there are so many good people on this earth. In fact, I am even more grateful that inside every person living on this earth, there is a desire to be good, no matter how small or large it might be, there is goodness in every human being. And that makes me happy.

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